Sarah's visit to Munich
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Sarah, Crystal's sister came over to Munich to visit for a couple of weeks in June, 2003. Here's some photos that we took whilst she was over here. You should be able to click any of the small pictures on this page to see a larger version of it. Just click the 'back' button of your browser to get back to this page.

When in Munich, you need to visit a beer garden ... even if, like Sarah, you don't drink beer. Here she is, making herself useful and carrying the empties back. This is the Hirsch Garten. We like it because it's in the middle of a huge park and so you can take your beer and have a picnic under one of the horse chestnut trees nearby.
NeuSchwanstein. This is one of the castles built by King Ludwig II of Bavaria. It's probably the most well known and is apparently what the Disney castle is modelled after. This is taken inside the castle courtyard.

Another photo taken inside NeuSchwanstein courtyard. Look at the castles page for more pictures.